Screen Display

Landscape/Full screen

Click "Right Rotate" button from the toolbar to show landscape. Click "Left Rotate" button to resume.



Full screen
Vertical full screen: Click "Full Screen" button, the phone screen can be full screen display.


Horizontal full screen: Click the "Rotate Left" or "Rotate Right" button, the phone screen can be displayed horizontally, and click "Zoom in" button, the phone screen will be displayed in full screen.


Screenshot/Screen Recording

Click "Screenshot/Screen Recording" button from the toolbar to do screenshot and screen recording, the file saving path and format are configurable.

Phone screen transmission and pause

Purchase the Professional, you can pause the screen transferring.
This is per window feature, pause only affect one phone window. As soon as users click the "stop transferring" button, the phone window will stop updating immediately, the screen will be frozen.
During the pause mode, the CPU will go down similar to iconify a phone window, the icon will change.

Click on "Resume Transferring" button, it will continue the phone screen.

Screen Lock/Screen Lock (Sleep)

On Windows desktop, the screen can be automatically locked based on the time set on device, this function also can be deactivated.

Check the "Enable" in setting, if you do not operate for a period time, the phone will automatically locked.

MDCC: Click "Black Screen" button, manually lock screen, you can do one key to lock screen for the selected devices.

Image Quality & Mode/Resolution

Image Quality & Mode
1. You can set device accelerated mode before it is connected

Device Acceleration
Turbo mode 1 ( The highest speed )
Turbo mode 2 ( The best compatibility )
Comp Mode

PC Acceleration
High Speed
Top Speed ( Fast rendering, low latency and low CPU )

Top Speed is experimental feature. As soon as "Top Speed" is enabled, we will automatically enable “Hardware Acceleration” for best effect, of course, you can check it off.


2. You can set Image Quality & Mode after it is connected

High Definition


Please reconnect devices after resetting the PC Acceleration or Hardware Acceleration.

It will set the quality mode remembered last time as default setting.
If the device screen crashes in acceleration mode, it means the device doesn't support acceleration mode, you need to switch to other modes.

Purchase "Professional Version", max resolution is up to 1080p, you can set the resolution based on the device's conditions in phone setting page. (non-professional version doesn't support resolution switch.)


Screenshot on PC

You can capture any screen area on Windows desktop and devices, the file will be saved to current device and notification will be showing.
Two ways to do screenshot, click "Screen Capture" button or set shortcut. You can also customize the shortcuts.

Reversed Control


Click "Phone setting", Slide the slider to adjust brightness, this will be the default setting for the phone.
Check the "Auto dim screen when connected" mode, turn the brightness to the lowest, as soon as the connection is disconnected, it will resume the brightness to previous setting.
Purchase the Professional,you can check the "Apply to all phones".


Lite version can only change Ringtone and Media, provide "Mute" mode.
Purchase "professional" :
Can set 6 different volume: Ringtone, Media, Notifications, System, Alarm and Voice Call.
There is a checkbox to "Apply to all phones".


Purchase the THA, insert the THA to the phone headphone hole, it can transfer the sound from phone to computer.
If THA is first plugged in to one of the phone, it will turn on the audio transfer automatically. Hover the button, it can switch the transfer state in pull down menu.

Transfer (The phone speaker off, allows the phone sound to be transfered to be transmitted to the computer)
Pause (Pause the transmission)
Disconnect ( Disconnect the THA, the sound from the phone speaker out )

Mixer functions

Click the button, do the screen recording settings.
Sound source:Microphone or Line-in, and THA ( Professional supports 4, Lite supports 1 ), the audio will be mixed in and recorded
Before recording, you can change the resolution in phone setting.
For Lite version, the watermark will be appeared in the video, purchase Professional to remove it.

Mouse/Keyboard/Shortcuts to control device synchronously

Select mouse, keyboard or Shortcuts to control device synchronously on Windows desktop and devices. Professionl can support sync mouse, keyboard, Fn for all devices.


Click "MDCC" button from Windows control panel to enter MDCC.

Click the button in MDCC to landscape.

Click thebutton to reback.

You can set the size of the controlled area screen display in the system settings
Large, Medium, Small. ( For the controlled area )

Show as below

One key to restart/ show black screen/ do screenshot/search device
You can do one key to restart/show black screen/ do screenshot/adjust brightness/search device in MDCC.

One key to restart all devices.

Black screen
One key to lock all devices.

One key to do screenshot on all devices and save the files.

Search device
You can find the correspondence between real mobile phone and MDCC phone by this feature.

File manage and synchronization

Click "File Manager" button on windows desktop, display device file folder, drag through mouse to do file transfer.

MDCC: click "File Synchronization" button, add files from PC in file synchronization box and transfer to all devices.

Text copy and paste

Open Sigma input in control panel, select "paste to device directly" and "sync contents copied from device automatically to PC’s clipboard from "copy" bar to copy and paste the text from PC and device.

Intelligent input method

Select all on Sigma keyboard in control panel, click "Settings" into intelligent input method customization box to edit and set auto text.


Enter Notifications list by clicking "Notification" button in MDCC.

Click "All Devices", the messages will be displayed by devices and categories.

Click "All Applications", the messages will be display by applications. Select application name to show drop-down list information.

Click "Sorting" button to display the messages by time, device or application.

Search keyword in Search bar to get relevant messages.

Click "Delete" button above to do batch delete.

Click "Delete" button after each message to delete current message.

Control devices by group

Click "Quick select devices", enter control devices by group page, select "All" to control all devices. Select "Unselect all" can only control current main device. Select "Group" button to control configured group devices.

Script recording and edit

Click "Record" button on Script box in control panel to do script recording.
You can change script name and description while recording.
Click "Execute" button to do playback while recording.
You can edit saved script by script manager, such as change, add or delete etc.