Category Features Lite Professional Professional + Value-added service
Authorization Price Free ¥60/year Price
Ways of use Software downlaod Software upgrade Purchase multi-control in application
(professional version needed)
License non-business use business use business use
Projection Screen transmission Fast mode reaches at 30frs, speed mode reaches more than 60 frs. Fast mode reaches at 40 frs, speed mode reaches more than 60 frs. One PC controls 10/20/30/40/60/100 devices
PC accelerate
Hardware Decoding
PC controls phone Control 4 devices simultaneously (with mouse only) Control 4 devices simultaneously (with mouse/keyboard/short key)
Phone rotate/zoom in and out/full screen
Watermark Video recording, full screen No
Definition 640P 480P, 640P, 720P, 1080P
Screenshot of PC screen to phone
Screen update pause, current screen freeze
Record Screen Support resolution 640P 480P,640P,720P,1080P
Frame rate low high
Multiple-source sound Microphone, Line-in, THA Microphone, Line-in, THA
Control Support up to Android 8.1
Smart and quick input method Up to 10 entries Up to 100 entries
Synchronization Mouse Mouse/Keyboard/shortkey
Change the name of the phone
Advanced API (multi scripts execution, images searching, texts identification (support Baidu texts identification), Excel reading and scripting termination)
Scripting source code protection
Scripting event activation
Transfer mutiple files to mutiple devices (batch App installation)
Auto adjust phone brightness once connected, recover after diconnected. Apply to all phones
Phone sound adjustment Ringtone and media sound adjustment support 6 sound adjustment, can apply to all phones.
MDCC (Pro) Lanscape display
Device auto arrange
Customized sorting
Notification management center
One key to restart/locate/black screen/screenshot (save to PC or phone)/screen brightness adjustment,control all phones
Manage Backup/Restore phone contacts / sms / call history
THA THA support More info
Java installation is not needed
APK includes Java, no extra Java installation needed
Mouse right click
Customized mouse right click (no, multi touch and back)
High compatibility
High compatibility added, which is the best compatibility mode
Boss key
Enter Boss key and minimize tray icon
Sigma keyboard
Sigma keyboard meets all your needs for texts input by keyboard
Acceleration mode
Acceleration mode 1 is faster, acceleration mode 2 has better compatibility
Hotspot configuration
You can configure hospot key with screen
Not suggested for phones under Android 4.2, please upgrade first.
Quality adjustment
Acceleration mode 1, Acceleration mode 2, HQ, Fluent, Regular
Fn short key
Switch App, folder access, Boss mode, fast scripts execution
Android 8.1
Support Android 8.1 (Marshmallow)
Simultaneous video and audio recording
Support simultaneous MP4 video and mixed audio recording
Emoji supported in Sigma Input
File management and transfer
Support file management and transfer for phone files
Three formats of screenshot and copying to PC clipboard supported
Support multiple devices connection
USB and WiFi connection supported
Automatic connection
Support automatic connection for USB and WiFi
Automation scripts
Autpmated recording, playback, scripts editing
Mouse scroll the phone screen
Support mouse scroll up and down the phone screen
Copy to PC clipboard
Copy phone texts and images to PC clipboard
Quick guide added
Quick guide helps you to use the App more conveniently
Search and switch
Sigma input box supports texts search and URL switch
Latest graphics engine
Use latest graphics engine, faster and better quality
Driver download
Support more driver download
Enhanced settings page
Enhanced phone settings page
Support X86 chip phone
Support X86 chip phone
Customized shortcut ico
Customize and drag shortcut icon to menu bar
Sigma input method paste
Copy and paste content to phone
Total Control
Zoom out and display main control device, show the devices in pages, group management, short key and customized device name.
Total Control
Use Sigma input to sync keyboard input and sync Fn shortkey in main control device to selected device. One key pressed, multiple devices respond.
Total Control
One key to restart/search/do black screen/do screenshot on all devices, support automatic device connection.
Total Control
Degrade the image quality and frame rate for all devices not under controlled at present to improve respond speed and user experience and lower PC configuration requirements.
Total Control
View all detailed information for all devces
Total Control
More device resolution selectable, based on different devices, select best resolution (1080p, 720p, 640p, 480p).
Total Control
Receive messages from all devices, click on the message.
Total Control
Sync multiple files to selected device. For APJ files (App install files), you can choose to install or not install after synchronization completed.
Total Control
Capture anywhere in PC screen and save to phone, transfer PC screen to your device easily.
Total Control
Support screen freeze, suspend update and recover at anytime.
Control multiple devices from 10 to 100 one device to control others, use mouse and keyboard to control
Total Control Total Control connects and controls 10 devices
Total Control Total Control connects and controls 20 devices
Total Control Total Control connects and controls 30 devices
Total Control Total Control connects and controls 40 devices
Total Control Total Control connects and controls 60 devices
Total Control Total Control connects and controls 100 devices

Usage scenarios

You can use it like this

Receive and send messages from PC, record, capture and rotate phone screen ……

Capture anywhere in Windows and device screen and save to device, there will be a new message notification showing ……

One key to zoom in phone screen, the best experience of big screen ……

Check recorded phone video, experience big HQ screen and support three formats of screenshot

Compatible with all kinds of devices

Support Window XP and above OS (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.). Compatible with Android 2.x to 8.x devices (phone, pad, STB, etc.) with different brands and from different manufacturer